Leah Jensen
a contemporary crafts graduate specialising in hand carved ceramics and wood

Twitter: @leah__jensen

Falmouth, UK
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My work may be incredibly time consuming but I just love the feel of my knife thought the clay

New work is finally underway wooo!
come and have a look! :)


As part of The London Design Festival some of my work is being show in Mint’s exhibition ‘Elements of Craft’

Mint is on a road opposite the V&A and the exhibition is on 13th - 30th of this month.
Come and have a look if you’re about

: )

Its a very primitive way of designing a collection, but it works for me! 
This is one of the collections that I am currently working on, it will be in the Handmade in Britain showcase in London in November (minus the cardboard haha)

Its been like living in the stone age over the past few weeks while moving house and having NO INTERNET! hahah but yay I’m a Handmade in Britain member now :)

I just got a Twitter!

So, I have no idea whats going on yet but here I am @leah__jensen

'The Three Graces'Hand carved porcelain, burnt beech
'Madonna of the Quail'Hand carved porcelain, burnt beech